The use of videos in teaching could improve academic performance by 20%

Educational videos are one of the most widely used resources in the world of education, in both online and on-site environments. A thesis by Victor Jesús García Hernández to obtain his doctorate in the doctoral program in Education and ICT (E-learning) at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) analyzed students’ perception of the usefulness of these audiovisual resources and their use in physics courses in the first year of engineering at the UOC, and at an on-site center, the Salesian University School of Sarrià (EUSS). The main result of the research in both learning environments is that videos are the resource most highly rated by students, but they see them as complementary to text materials. The study also found that more videos of problems are viewed than theory videos, and that this use increases when an examination or the submission of an assignment is imminent.

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