PetVet Dx Revolutionizes Wildlife Conservation with AI and Molecular Diagnostics to Combat Incurable CWD in Deer and Elk

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Chronic wasting disease (CWD), a devastating prion illness that affects North American cervids like deer and elk, poses a grave threat to their well-being and conservation efforts. Furthermore, it presents a potential risk of human exposure. Until recently, diagnosing CWD in live animals was a difficult task due to the absence of reliable diagnostic tests.

However, PetVet Dx achieved a significant breakthrough this summer.

Introducing the PetVet Dx Express CWD Multiplex Genes RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel™ Kit, a ground-breaking solution meticulously validated and currently being manufactured by PetVet Dx. In collaboration with the USDA, PetVet Dx is spearheading a $25 million initiative aimed at eradicating Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) within the expansive deer and elk population of 40 million.

PetVet DX Lab

This pioneering diagnostic test, designed to detect CWD in deer and elk, relies on ear pinna punches from live animals. It is the sole PCR molecular diagnostic test for CWD, exhibiting an impressive 97% sensitivity and 100% specificity.

Complementing the CWD kit, PetVet Dx has developed an AI interpretation software called PetVet LIMS. Within 24 hours of sample submission, this state-of-the-art software promptly notifies hunters, farmers, and healthcare specialists of the CWD status (positive or negative) in their deer or elk.

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Given their crucial role in our ecosystem, the well-being of deer and elk is of paramount importance. PetVet Dx is thrilled to employ this groundbreaking test, ensuring the safety and health of both America and Canada’s wildlife.

PetVet Dx will be at the 2023 Collision Technology Conference in Toronto talking about their PetVet LIMS AI interpretive software. This AI interpretive software has applications for nearly every animal infectious disease and cancer. It has the ability to revolutionize animal diagnostics for Canadian pet owners, farmers, and zoos.

With the opening of a genetics laboratory in Guelph, PetVet Dx hopes to offer their technology to all Canadians.

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