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Klipht0n presents a new EP release: “Long Time Coming”

March 2023 – Some artists look at music as a way to express themselves and connect with people, rather than just providing the “entertainment factor” you would expect. This is most definitely the case of Klipht0n, a musician who loves to make music that straddles the line between world music and electronica, essentially giving way to a unique blend of [...]

Afroritmo YHV Records: The Vibrant Sounds of Amapiano Music

A new record label has emerged with a mission to bring the world the vibrant sounds of Amapiano and Afrobeat music. Afroritmo YHV Records is dedicated to promoting and elevating the rising genre, which blends elements of African house, jazz, and traditional African music. The label is headed by a team of experienced music industry professionals and is committed to [...]

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