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Meet Young Torres: A New Upcoming Rapper and Vocalist

New Upcoming Artist Bringing Back the 90s 2000s sound of hip-hop American rapper and vocalist Young Torres, Born Remington T Brown in 1992, sustained a basic-level presence in 19 different country’s shortly after releasing his 2019 song Dominican Flavor with the Canadian underground record label Boost Recordings who signed artists like Von-T ,Yung Toolz & BeeJayAse. Thanks to his Pop [...]

David has channeled exquisite pedigree and influence into a flourishing career

David is trying to bring a distinct style of music for us to listen and enjoy! David Munoz is an eclectic singer-songwriter that brings a distinct style of pop, rock and Latin music to his recordings. The talented creative was mentored and vocally trained by the late Don Ciccone, a legendary singer and songwriter from the hit making group Frankie [...]

Thousand Times Teams Up With Grammy Winner Wonder Arillo & Multi-Platinum Superproducer Nico Nice Wit It

Thousand Times Teams Up With Grammy Winner Wonder Arillo & Multi-Platinum Superproducer Nico Nice Wit It.Music Producer Thousand Times brings together Polo G’s Billboard charting producer Nico Nice Wit It together with Grammy winner Wonder Arillo on ‘Slime Season Vol 1’.The producer has also recruited Charlotte NC’s top MCs M.A.C. K.I.L.L.A. and Maestro. The record was recorded and engineered by [...]

Love it or hate it, TikTok is changing the music industry

“Tik-a-Tok-a-Who?”, was Adele’s response to her management’s suggestion to promote her music to younger audiences on Tiktok, the video-sharing platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance. “If everyone’s making music for the TikTok, who’s making music for my [...]

What’s behind the magic of live music?

For months, fans were relegated to watching their favorite singers and musicians over Zoom or via webcasts. Now, live shows – from festivals like Lollapalooza to Broadway musicals – are officially back. The songs that beamed into living rooms [...]

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