Dreamy – Nervous

Dreamy releases latest single "Nervous"

Music can encapsulate ideas and emotions that are difficult to express in different mediums. Feelings of anxiety, fear, and high tension can be described aptly through music, and it’s fascinating to listen to. Dreamy is one of those artists using unique musical ideas and executing them through mastery of sound to create something new and fresh. But does this apply to his latest single, “Nervous?” 

“Nervous” is a fascinating song, combining deep and atmospheric synths with a big booming soundstage. In terms of raw sound, it’s difficult to beat to vibes that the single gives out. Where many songs that adopt this style of sound can often come off as generic or cookie-cutter, “Nervous” manages to stand out through Dreamy’s delivery, on top of the immaculate production.

Musically, “Nervous” captures a certain sense of anxiety and fearfulness, which is accentuated by the song’s lyrics. In a way, the lyrics and themes of the song clash with the overall mood, but it works to the song’s strengths. Where the lyrics are vindictive, resentful, and even a tad pained, they mesh with the song’s tone, generating a generally uneasy, harsh, but relatively smooth atmosphere.

It’s also a catchy song, which we didn’t expect with the demure overall tone and darker ideas. We do like this, however, as it throws the listener’s expectations for a loop. We found the way the harsh and spirited lyrics wrap around the melody and droning overtones makes for a song that’s both a fun listen and an emotional experience through and through. 

We also can’t overstate the excellent production of the single. The smooth, immaculate production is a big part of what makes the song’s overall atmosphere hit as hard as it does. It’s simultaneously clean and polished but gritty and dark. The flow of the song and the way its themes match up so well are a testament to its excellent arrangement and production; without them, the song wouldn’t be as great as it is.

Overall, “Nervous” is a great track, highlighting Dreamy’s strengths as an artist while presenting listeners with something new and interesting. The track is a lot less introspective overall than Dreamy’s usual work, though this gives it an avenue to tackle these ideas from a different perspective. It’s the mark of a great artist when they can reign in their ideas and utilize different techniques to make them work.

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