Reina Subramanian is back with a new EP: heartstrings

Reina Subramanian releases new EP "heartstrings"

Great songs only require a little in terms of studio trickery or artifice. It is all about the heart and the attitude. These are precisely what people can expect from “heartstrings,” a new release from Reina.

This remarkable piece of music bravely traverses the depths of modern indie pop music while also exploring the nuances of alternative and pretty much everything in between. The diverse and inspiring creativity on this release is remarkable. Reina’s delivery is crystalline, gorgeously articulate, and very expressive. “heartstrings” by Reina is ultimately recommended to fans of music that feels very dynamic but also personal and direct. Reina is continually moving forward, highlighting a willingness to build a following and reach a broader audience constantly. The EP features three songs. The first song is a perfect mood-setter, and it is the title track itself. The second song, “look the other way,” is an amazing track with meaningful lyrics and a deep sense of melodic songwriting. Last but definitely not least, “all the way through” is a perfect curtain closer. A deep, beautiful song that highlights Reina’s talent.

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