Omega Station – The Wraith Song

Omega Station releases "The Wraith Song"

There is plenty of rock music being made today, more than ever, I suspect, but in this world of music schools and state-of-the-art recording studios, cutting-edge equipment, and the gloss and polish of the commercial music industry, it seems to have lost something.

Anyone can make loud and bombastic music; you play many notes and turn the volume up. Simple as that! What you can’t fake, though, is edginess, that feeling of danger that only comes from music with that authentic vibe. Either you’ve got it, or you haven’t. Omega Station has it and has it in no small amount, and The Wraith Song, their upcoming new release, is all the proof you need.

Rock, or more appropriately, rock ‘n’ roll, was built on such a feeling, and without it, the genre is just loud pop music, more about fun than a feeling, more about exuberance than edge and energy. With The Wraith Song, Omega Station is putting the real spirit of rock and roll firmly back on the menu.

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