Ismael Gabasau – The Art of Seeing Through

Ismael Gabasau releases new EP "The Art of Seeing Through"

How do you write music that embodies something bigger and means more than it usually does? It’s a struggle that many artists go through because when your options are endless, your only limit is your creativity, but having so many choices can be overwhelming. Sometimes, however, the best way is to dial things back, take a look at the bigger picture, and relax for a little. That’s the vibe from Ismael Gabasau’s new EP, “The Art of Seeing Through.”

As an EP, “The Art of Seeing Through” has a grand message behind it but through the lens of a simple, smaller-scale view. The EP radiates relaxed energy with a simple, laid-back tone and a fun atmosphere overall. However, read between the lines and sweet, simple symphonies, and you see greater ideas of life and gratefulness at play. It’s an interesting dichotomy that works to the EP’s strength as it slowly moves from song to song.

The EP opener, “Sour and Sweet,” I aptly titled. It’s a song about the ups and downs of life as things come and go. Ismael makes it a point not to let anything weigh him down as he continues moving through life to share good times and push through the bad times. The song’s tone is joyful, as Ismael is simply grateful that he is alive, able to experience everything, big and small.

Following that is the song “Pumpkin Empanadas,” another song about appreciating the smaller things in life. While the song at face value is just Ismael singing about making the namesake dish, it’s a soft reflection of the memories Ismael holds with the dish. Again, the themes at play here are grandiose, but they’re handled comfortably, personally, and anchored by a simple recipe.

The rest of the EP carries this joyous energy, with their light, jazzy influences elevating the songs and their atmospheres. “Deep Souls” is perhaps the most introspective song on the album, but it also briskly carries itself along without dwelling on too much. Meanwhile, the EP closer, “Canvas,” is a fantastic summation of the EP’s themes and sound, wrapping everything in a nice, neat package.

Overall, Ismael Gabasau’s “The Art of Seeing Through” is a fascinating little EP, one that’s an incredibly enjoyable experience. Its light, jazzy sound makes listening to the whole thing a breeze, and it’s practically impossible to listen to it and not have your mood elevated by its airy but clean compositions. A fantastic EP to lift your spirits to the sound of good music.

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